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Welcome to Fanbyte: that weird video game website you like. Or maybe this is the first time you’re joining us! Either way, thank you for joining us as we provide the best game news, guides, reviews, opinions, and hot takes on the internet. We’re a pretty laidback crew of fun and interesting folks who still tackle some of the most important topics affecting games today — as well as trying to give you the best experience possible. Whether that means giving you a guide on that big new release you want, helping you find the next weird video game in your life, or reflecting on major breaking news stories.

Fanbyte began on Halloween of 2018 as an experiment to provide expert coverage on a wide variety of “live games.” Since then, we’ve grown a lot and expanded into covering politics and business practices as they pertain to games. All in order to help you understand how the stuff you play gets made and the people behind it.

While guides still help form the backbone of our site (we believe in helping people get the most out of the video games they play), our written content has expanded considerably. Often with a healthy dose of our own personal takes and a dollop of humor to help you swallow the never-ending parade of entertainment available to today. Meanwhile, our Fanbyte podcast network hits a wide range of games, movies, TV, and more. Last but not least, we love to stream some games (and a few other fun surprises) weekly on Twitch, while also providing the occasional YouTube video for deeper dives into games you love, or will love after we tell you about them.

So please stick around. Make yourself comfortable! Strap in with one of our shows, open up a guide to Destiny or Final Fantasy XIV or any of the other thousands of games we cover. Maybe check our news section for the latest stories of the day! We think you’re going to like our writing and the personalities that make it possible.

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