Cult of the Lamb Tips Guide: 10 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Ah, I see you're a lamb of cult-ure

Don your cloak, break out your ceremonial knife, and get ready to sacrifice a heretic to an elder god because Cult of the Lamb is here. Developed by Massive Monster, this game is a mix of the base builder and rogue-lite genres. Players assume the role of a lamb who was rescued by a mysterious entity and instructed to build a following in its name. Don’t let the cute animals and cartoonish violence fool you, Cult of the Lamb can be a pretty difficult game. Not only will you be managing your own little community, but you’ll be venturing into increasingly difficult dungeons to slay elder gods. Because of this, there are a lot of things you can easily miss or overlook while exploring. Here are ten Cult of the Lamb tips to keep you alive and your followers happy:

Cult of the Lamb Tips

Cult of the Lamb Tips

You Can Dodge Projectiles By Rolling Through – Cult of the Lamb Tips

Did you know you can actually dodge most projectiles by just rolling through them? While this won’t be much of an issue during the first few dungeons in Darkwood, eventually you’ll be battling against a lot of foes with ranged attacks. Given that you are often working with limited space, it can be difficult to outright avoid these — especially in some of the more chaotic rooms. However, you can actually dodge any orb projectile by just rolling through it. Alternatively, any archer enemy can have their arrows reflected right back at them by striking the arrow before it hits you. This is perfect for quickly taking out ranged foes or just not taking any damage.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

Look For Hanging Stars in Dungeons – Cult of the Lamb Tips

Tarot cards are the key to surviving in Cult of the Lamb’s dungeons, so it’s critical you locate them when going from room to room. Thankfully, there is an easy way to determine where Clauneck is lurking. When approaching a path to another room look for hanging stars and a moon over the entrance. This will dictate where Clauneck is located, allowing you to safely acquire new tarot cards. As for weapons, you can tell when a path leads to the blacksmith by the hanging swords, daggers, and axes over the path.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

The Axe and Gauntlets Are the Best Weapons – Cult of the Lamb Tips

There are five weapon archetypes in Cult of the Lamb, but the axe and gauntlets are the two best in the game. Even though the sword and dagger have fast attack speed, their lack of damage and range can make taking on multiple targets quite difficult. Inversely, the hammer hits like a truck but the long wind up makes it impractical against most fast-moving enemies.

This is why you’ll want to run the axe or gauntlets whenever possible. Despite being a bit slow, the axe is extremely powerful and doesn’t require manually aiming like the hammer. For those who want something a bit faster, the gauntlets are all about landing a three-hit combo that deals an obscene amount of damage. Both of these weapons are great in virtually every scenario and against every boss in the game. I cannot recommend them enough.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

The Old Gods Will Mess With Your Followers – Cult of the Lamb Tips

It’s easy to forget about your followers when you go venturing into a dungeon, however, this can lead to catastrophe. Three of the four old gods will occasionally impact your followers and cult with various status effects. Preparing for the old gods’ machinations can save you a lot of headaches and issues — especially if you’re struggling with balancing your cult’s faith, hunger, and wellness. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each of these gods can do when venturing through their dungeons:

  • Heket – Impacts your follower’s hunger
  • Kallamar – Makes multiple followers sick
  • Shamura – Will force you to fight and kill a random follower(s)

Of the three, Kallamar’s impact can be the most frustrating to deal with. Before going into Anchordeep, I strongly recommend building a Healing Bay and having a bunch of Camellia in your inventory. This will ensure that you can instantly heal all of your afflicted followers and Kallamar won’t have a big impact on your cult. Shamura forcing you to fight followers can be frustrating since this will impact your group’s faith. If you unlocked the Brainwash ritual I suggest using it to lock your faith to ensure it can’t drop.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

Destroy Objects in the Environment – Cult of the Lamb Tips

After you clear out a dungeon, I strongly suggest that you destroy every item in the environment. Everything from tall grass to rocks to mushrooms to flowers has a chance to drop useful items you’ll use in crafting. There’s also a solid chance that you’ll also find Blue or Diseased Hearts, which can be quite useful in some of the tougher dungeons. It may take a few extra seconds, but it will be worth the effort early on when your resources are low.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

Some Buildings Will Collapse and Need Repairs – Cult of the Lamb Tips

Building your base is a core part of Cult of the Lamb’s gameplay loop, but some of those structures won’t last forever. Both the Sleeping Bag and Shelter are prone to collapsing after a few days of use, forcing you to spend resources to repair them. While the game informs you that these will fall apart eventually, it doesn’t let on that sturdier-sounding structures like the Lumberyard and Stone Mine will also break after time.

Given that these are your primary sources for both Lumber and Stone, keeping these up and running is important. But unlike the Sleeping Bag and Shelter, you cannot outright repair these buildings. Instead, you will need to build an entirely new Lumberyard or Stone Mine in their place. You should always prepare for this and hold onto some resources solely to rebuild these facilities.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

Cultists Will Only Tend to Crops Near Farmer Stations – Cult of the Lamb Tips

I learned this the hard way. Early on, you will unlock the ability to plant crops and grow your own food. You can arrange these crops any way you like, but it behooves you to plant them in the diamond pattern shown above. This is because cultists will only tend the crops themselves if they’re right next to a Farmer Station. As you can see in the image above, the Farmer Station has a diamond-shaped radius around it.

Anything planted outside that radius will be ignored by your followers, forcing you to handle all the crop duties. However, keeping your Farm Plots inside the radius ensures that they will plant and grow the crops themselves. You can also overlap Farmer Stations if you don’t have a lot of space.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

You Cannot Change Doctrines or Rituals – Cult of the Lamb Tips

A major part of Cult of the Lamb is determining your new religion’s faith and beliefs. This is done by instituting doctrines and performing rituals to increase your followers’ loyalty. There are five major doctrine themes, each of which has four doctrines tied to that specific archetype. For example, Afterlife is all about death and how your followers perceive it, while Work and Worship impact the cultists’ productivity.

When you decide to upgrade one of these themes, you’ll be presented with two doctrines, but only one of them can be selected. You cannot change or alter your doctrine after it has been selected, so make sure to pick one that fits with your cult’s direction. Meaning, if you plan on sacrificing cult members in rituals or to the demon summoning circle, you’ll want the Belief in Sacrifice Trait to ensure their faith isn’t lowered.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

You Can Fight the Old Gods More Than Once – Cult of the Lamb Tips

After going through a dungeon and vanquishing the final boss, you can face that old god again. To do this, approach any of the statues of that god with an X painted on it and destroy it. Doing so will reveal a small red portal on the ground. Interacting with this portal will instantly take you to that region’s Old God boss fight. This can be great for getting a lot of gold or ending a run early if you aren’t confident you can finish an entire dungeon without dying. The boss doesn’t seem to scale with the rest of the dungeon, which can make some of these fights pretty simple with upgraded gear and tarot cards.

Cult of the Lamb Tips

Buy New Tarot Cards From NPCs – Cult of the Lamb Tips

When you start Cult of the Lamb you’ll have a pretty small pool of tarot cards you can get from Clauneck. This can thankfully be expanded in several ways, with the most common method being to outright purchase them from various NPCs. As you unlock new locations — such as the Spore Grotto and Smuggler’s Sanctuary — you’ll gain access to merchants selling tarot cards for gold. I highly recommend buying these, as many of them are exceptionally strong and can make a huge difference in your runs. You can also get new tarot cards by beating every NPC that goes to the Lonely Shack in Knucklebones and from the NPC in dungeons who watches over the healing pool. Definitely make sure to buy new tarot cards when you can afford to!

Don’t let Cult of the Lamb’s cute aesthetic fool you, it can be a tricky game to master since you’re balancing your followers and fighting in dungeons. Mastering both of these and using the tips above will alleviate some potential headaches you might have during your journey to grow the best cult in the kingdom.


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