Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards Guide – How to Get New Tarot Cards

Heart of the Cards

Don your cloak, break out your ceremonial knife, and get ready to sacrifice a heretic to an elder god because Cult of the Lamb is here. Developed by Massive Monster, this game is a mix of the base builder and rogue-lite genres. Players assume the role of a lamb who was rescued by a mysterious entity and instructed to build a following in its name. You will spend a lot of time skulking through colorful dungeons which will slowly increase in difficulty and introduce new threats. Enter tarot cards, a way to temporarily improve your character in Cult of the Lamb.

While you’ll have access to these cards very early on, the amount of tarot cards unlocked is quite small. Because of this, you will want to unlock new ones throughout your journey to ensure an easier time when battling through dungeons and facing the toughest bosses. Here’s how to unlock new tarot cards in Cult of the Lamb:

Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards

How to Unlock New Tarot Cards

There are several methods for unlocking tarot cards in Cult of the Lamb, many of which will be accessible as you progress further and further into the campaign. Before we get into the details, here’s a quick breakdown of how you can get different tarot cards:

  • Beat every NPC once in Knucklebones at the Lonely Shack
  • Purchase them from the vendor at Spore Grotto
  • Purchase them from the vendor at Pilgrim’s Passage
  • Purchase them from the vendor at Smuggler’s Sanctuary
  • Purchase them from the vendor at Midas’s Cave
  • Purchase the only card from the Healing Pool NPC in any dungeon

The most obvious method is to buy new tarot cards from different merchants you meet. Most of these merchants will become available upon unlocking a specific location such as the Spore Grotto or Smuggler’s Sanctuary. However, to unlock the Pilgrim’s Passage vendor you’ll need to go into the lighthouse and ignite the fire inside for the cult. This will make the cultists come out and open the stalls in the area. You can then purchase the three tarot cards from the cultist vendor.

Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards

Keep in mind, that there will only be three unique tarot cards per vendor. These will not restock and you can only purchase those cards from that character. All of these can be bought for gold except the three cards as Midas’s Cave. You will need a total of 20 gold bars to purchase all of them. Considering these are some of the best cards in the game, it’s absolutely worth the inflated price. Additionally, when in a dungeon you should look for a room on the map with a Heart. The NPC there is selling a tarot card that gives you two full hearts for 100 gold. While it’s a bit expensive, this card is certainly worth the investment — especially for later dungeons.

Finally, you can unlock four cards by beating each NPC in the Lonely Shack at Knucklebones. You will unlock a new NPC in each of the four dungeons and upon speaking to them they will go to this location. Now just head to the Lonely Shack and beat them in a single match of Knucklebones to unlock their tarot cards.

Tarot cards are one of the most important resources in Cult of the Lamb, so it’s critical you unlock new ones as you play! Always make sure to save some coins and visit the vendors, otherwise, you may find yourself struggling in the latter half of the game.