Cult of the Lamb Lumber Guide – How to Get Lumber


Don your cloak, break out your ceremonial knife, and get ready to sacrifice a heretic to an elder god because Cult of the Lamb is here. Developed by Massive Monster, this game is a mix of the base builder and rogue-lite genres. Players assume the role of a lamb who was rescued by a mysterious entity and instructed to build a following in its name. While you will spend a lot of time skulking through colorful dungeons, it’s important to build up your cult’s facilities. One of the primary resources for this is lumber, which is something you will need a lot of in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Get Lumber

There are a few ways to get lumber in Cult of the Lamb, however, the most common method very early on is chopping down trees. When you arrive at your grove there will be an abundance of trees around the area. Approach one of these trees and press A (Xbox)/(X) PlayStation to begin chopping. Holding it down will cause your character to hack at the tree until the circular progress meter fills up and a bunch of lumber drops. Trees will grow back, but it will take several days before they’re worth chopping down.

Alternatively, you can also get lumber while out in a dungeon. Occasionally you will have a path that leads you to a room filled with trees you can chop down. This will be marked on the map by a log icon and isn’t guaranteed to be in every dungeon run. Keep in mind that you can also earn lumber as a reward for defeating a boss, but this will only be present after you’ve cleared this area’s main god of that area. So once you kill Leshy in Darkwood, any boss you kill during a dungeon run in this area has a chance to reward lumber.

Cult of the Lamb Lumber

However, the most consistent and best way to farm is material is to build Lumberyards. Unlocked in the second row of Divine Inspiration upgrades, Lumberyards allow you to make followers chop endlessly for wood which will be stored in chests out front. It will cost you 15 Lumber and 30 Gold to make a single Lumberyard, but it’s absolutely worth the investment. Even though these structures will eventually break, you can obtain a lot of lumber if you have followers working in them daily.

Additionally, you can upgradee your Lumberyards but this wont happen until you are near the end of the game or have played a lot. For now, I recommend constructing between 3-6 Lumberyards to ensure you have a constant supply coming in both when you’re runing aroudn the grove or dungeon crawling. If you need Wooden Planks you’ll have to make a Refinery which is tied to the third row of Divine Inspiration. You’ll need to spend 3 Lumber to make a single Wooden Plank and a follower will need to be free so they can convert the materials.

While it may take a bit of time to build a large lumber farm, it’s definetly worth all the extra effort. Plus, you won’t need to worry about this resource when you want to start decorating the place!