Cult of the Lamb Fleece Guide – How to Get Holy Talisman Pieces

Cult of Personality

Don your cloak, break out your ceremonial knife, and get ready to sacrifice a heretic to an elder god because Cult of the Lamb is here. Developed by Massive Monster, this game is a mix of the base builder and rogue-lite genres. Players assume the role of a lamb who was rescued by a mysterious entity and instructed to build a following in its name. While you will spend a lot of time skulking through colorful dungeons, there are some sidequests you can complete. These are tied to NPCs you’ll discover throughout the game and finishing them will reward you with Holy Talisman pieces you can use to buy new fleeces in Cult of the Lamb. Here’s how to unlock new fleeces for your lamb:

Cult of the Lamb Fleece

How to Unlock New Fleeces

To unlock new fleeces in Cult of the Lamb you’ll need to acquire four Holy Talisman pieces. These are tied to different NPC sidequests you will encounter when making your way through the four primary dungeons. Each dungeon has a couple of NPCs you can meet, someone of which will open up different areas in the overall world. For example, upon learning about the Fisherman you will gain access to Pilgrim’s Passage and can speak to the different characters there.

Two of the easiest sidequests to complete are tied to Sozo in the Spore Garden and the Fisherman in Pilgrim’s Passage. Sozo is all about Menticide Mushrooms which can be found in the Anura dungeon or grown on a farm if you have the seeds. Most of his sidequests involve giving him mushrooms, building a statue of him, and learning one of the best rituals in the entire game. Completing each step will cause Sozo to reward you with one-quarter of a Holy Talisman. Finishing the entire sidequest will complete the talisman allowing you to buy a new fleece.

Alternatively, you can complete the Fisherman’s sidequest which is all about acquiring four rare fish for him. While you can certainly do this by just standing next to the man and fishing for about an hour or so, I’ve found that using the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty dramatically speeds up this process. Performing this ritual will give you a higher chance of finding rare fish, which means you can easily complete the Fisherman’s sidequest in a matter of minutes.

Cult of the Lamb Fleece

Once you have four pieces, you will receive a single Holy Talisman. Now go back to your church and select the “Crown” option. A menu will be brought up that shows you a variety of different abilities and fleeces you can purchase. The former can only be acquired by beating the four main gods while the latter is tied to Holy Talismans. Each fleece has a different ability such as increasing your curse damage at the cost of your weapon damage. There is always a positive and negative to each of the unlocked fleeces, so if you are looking for a challenge these are worth snagging. You can just wear the normal fleece you start with and do just fine — these are just additional items to chase after if you don’t want to manage your cult or run dungeons.

And that’s how you unlock the different fleeces in Cult of the Lamb! Remember, these aren’t required to beat the game so don’t feel like you need to hunt down every single Holy Talisman.