League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 Event Extended After Rewards Bugs

Star Guardian event continues to August 24 after overwhelming issues with tokens, missions, and rewards.

Riot Games is extending the League of Legends Star Guardian event until August 24, 2022 due to significant bugs and glitches preventing players from activating missions, collecting rewards, and playing the Another Sky visual novel.

Over the past week, League players have faced a ton of issues with the Star Guardian 2022 event rewards and reached out to Riot support for answers. Reddit user Hs_Cogito_Ergo_Sum shared a response from Player Support’s Riot Esmerunghoy, which acknowledges the in-client glitches and makes it clear that the team is actively working on a fix.

The email details that all Star Guardian event progressions are still being tracked (even if they aren’t popping up) and explains that Riot will be compensating players by extending the Star Guardian event and granting a bonus mission.

Star Guardian Mission Glitch bugs 2022

When Will the Star Guardian Rewards Glitch be Fixed?

“We will extend the event store until Wednesday, Aug 24 across all regions- it means that players will continue to earn tokens through loot and missions, players will also be allowed to redeem tokens for two additional days,” says Riot Esmerunghoy. “We will be activating a compensation mission on Wednesday, August 17 in affected regions that players will have until August 24 to complete – for now, I would like to inform you that the rewards for this compensation mission are not finalised.”

Riot Arwyll posted about the Star Guardian rewards bugs saying “Rest assured that the delay is only temporary and your rewards are on their way to you.”

These bugs have had players scratching their heads for over a week, luckily Riot Mikouz wrote a Twitter thread explaining exactly what is causing the Star Guardian rewards glitch. The root issue is due to a “traffic jam” of rewards redemption; the Riot team didn’t expect the absurdly high amount of people redeeming challenges for this event.

Currently, there isn’t a timeline on when the dev team will patch out the ongoing Star Guardian issues from League of Legends, but players can relax knowing team is working hard on smoothing this over. Need help with your Star Guardian missions? We got you covered with a plethora of comprehensive guides.

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