League of Legends Turrets Are Glitched, Impacting Professional Play

Turrets aren't scaling damage properly, lowering the risk of tower dives

Turrets used to be a safe space, but the latest League of Legends glitch has rendered them 80% weaker for the past week.

In a recent tweetLeague of Legends YouTuber Vandiril displays that turrets aren’t increasing their damage after the first hit, shrinking the risk for traditionally dicey tower dives.

Turrets have a unique passive called “Warming Up” which is programmed to hit foes 40% harder depending on how long they stay; turret shots up to 120% damage total. But this League of Legends glitch causes turret shots to cap out at only 40%.

In addition to the original turret glitch video, Vandiril linked to a screenshot of how this bug has affected LPL, China’s premiere professional League esports tournament, from August 6. It highlights a part of the match where Weibo Gaming’s TheShy is playing Fiora and tower dives his opponent FPX Summit’s without taking nearly the correct amount of damage. TheShy’s Fiora tanks way too many tower shots, with all the damage hovered around a measly 300.

Riot Games hasn’t acknowledged the turret issue in this week or last week’s patch notes, so hopefully they catch wind of it soon to prevent some frustrating tower dives in normal games and professional play. There have been a few glitches in League recently, earlier today we reported on issues with the Star Guardian rewards, tokens, and missions.

[Disclaimer: Both Riot Games and Fanbyte are owned by the same parent company, Tencent. We don’t often, like, chill together or anything, though.]