MultiVersus Batman Guide – Combos, Best Perks, Skins, Tips

Learn how to play as Batman with our guide on his moves, strengths, and weaknesses.

MultiVersus character Batman is everything you need from a versatile fighter: he can weaken his opponents, jump and dash across the platform, throw projectiles from a distance, and (of course) deal a ton of damage. If you need help navigating all that, our MultiVersus Batman guide will help with all the important information on his strengths, weaknesses, best Perks, and best combos.

Batman belongs to the Bruiser class, which means that he’s a strong damage dealer. Unlocking him permanently will cost you either 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

MultiVersus Batman Abilities

The best way to play Batman in MultiVersus, is by applying the Weakened status (greater damage and knockback when hit which can be stacked) to your opponents first. There are three ways to do so: the Normal Upwards Attack, the Normal Neutral Batarang throw, or by landing hits during Invisibility (passive ability). After that, you just need to deal as much damage as you can.

It’s easily overlooked at first, but Batman’s ranged abilities can be aimed. You can redirect the Batarang (Normal Neutral), the grappling hook (Special Side), and his downwards kick (Special Downwards in air). Add the upwards and diagonal dodge ability (Passive) to that, and you have a surprisingly mobile Bruiser.

Finally, be mindful of your timing while using Batman’s special attacks. His Batarang, Bat-Bomb, and Smoke Bomb have a cooldown.

Batman Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground): Charge to throw a Batarang. Can be aimed during flight, before hitting an enemy. After hit, the Batarang can be picked up again to greatly reduce the cooldown time. On hit, it applies one stack of Weakened.
  • Neutral Attack (Air): Same as ground.
  • Side Attack (Ground): A combo of punches, ending in an uppercut and launching the enemy into the air.
  • Side Attack (Air): Charges a forwards kick. Use again to combo into a jab that will rush forward until hitting an enemy.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground): Charges a powerful upwards punch that applies one stack of Weakened.
  • Upwards Attack (Air): Charges a powerful upwards punch. Input again to combo into a second hit. This will apply one stack of Weakened.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground): Charges a sliding attack. The more it’s charged, the further the distance of the slide. Trigger again to combo into a forward kick.
  • Downwards Attack (Air): Performs a downwards kick.

Batman Special Attacks

  • Neutral Attack (Ground): Press to equip a Bat-Bomb, then hit an enemy with an attack to attach the bomb. After a short delay, the bomb will detonate and launch the victim upwards. If you equip the Bat-Bomb and then throw a Batarang, the bomb will be attached to your throwable. This skill has a cooldown, unless the Batarang returns the Bat-Bomb before hitting an enemy.
  • Neutral Attack (Air): Same as ground.
  • Side Attack (Ground): Fires a grappling hook gun, attaching itself to fighters or the environment. The grapple can swiftly pull Batman to its destination, hitting enemies along the way.
  • Side Attack (Air): Same as ground.
  • Upwards Attack (Ground): Charges a powerful uppercut, launching Batman into the air.
  • Upwards Attack (Air): Similar to ground, but without charge.
  • Downwards Attack (Ground): Batman detonates a Smoke Bomb, enveloping him and nearby fighters in smoke. While in smoke, Batman and his allies are given Invisibility (hidden to enemy team), Projectile Sidestep (projectiles will pass through), brief Invulnerability, and a faster dodge meter recharge. Enemies inside the smoke are slowed. This ability has a cooldown.
  • Downwards Attack (Air): Performs a downwards kick. The direction of the kick can be adjusted after initiation.

Batman Passive Abilities

  • Ninja Training: While Invisible, Batman gains the Hasten effect (increased movement speed) and his attacks apply three stacks of Weakened.
  • Upwards Dodge: Batman can dodge (diagonally) upwards from the ground, without the need to jump.

Best Batman Perks

Signature Perks

  • Bouncerang (Mastery Level 8): Hitting an enemy with the Batarang while it’s returning will apply the maximum amount of Weakened stacks.
  • Precision Grapple (Mastery Level 10): Batman’s grappling hook (Special Side Attack) emits a powerful blast when Batman arrives at his destination. However, he deals less damage and knockback while his grapple reels him in.

Best Perks to Equip

The Precision Grapple blast attack is good, but it comes at a cost. The Bouncerang, on the other hand, is a massive help in weakening enemies and therefore the best Signature Perk for Batman. The only downside is that it’s difficult to pull off, as you need to hit your opponent only when the Batarang is on its way back to Batman. A relatively easy way to do so is by jumping and throwing the Batarang over the enemy’s head, then moving it downwards.

As for Normal Perks, Make it Rain Dog offers projectile speed while Up, Up, And A-Slay grants additional upwards knockback damage (handy for the Normal Upwards punches). Perhaps the best attack buff is Hit ‘Em While They’re Down though, as this deals extra damage to debuffed (Weakened) enemies.

Coffeezilla is the most useful Utility Perk as it reduces cooldowns, of which our Caped Crusader has plenty. Finally, as one from the “always good” category, you may use the Triple Jump Perk for an additional jump after hitting an enemy.

How to Play as Batman in MultiVersus

Batman Strengths

  • Batman is a well-balanced character: strong, not too prone to damage, good range, and comes with a useful debuff ability. It makes him an amazing competitor for 1 vs. 1 combat.
  • The grappling hook offers increased mobility, an easy way to hit faraway enemies, and an extra safety net when jumping off-platform.
  • Unlike most MultiVersus characters, Batman is able to redirect his projectile.

Batman Weaknesses

  • Launching enemies can be a challenge. Batman isn’t the best at scoring early-game Ringouts, so you have to focus on dealing a ton of damage first.
  • It can be hard to maintain the Weakened status on your opponents as it wears off pretty quickly. A Weakened opponent may try to stay away from the Caped Crusader until it’s safe again.
  • It can be hard to hit an advanced player with the Bat-Bomb, Batarang, or Smoke Screen.
  • Batman’s best attacks have long cooldowns.

Batman Tips and Best Combos

  • An easy attack chain to start with, is the grapple hook (Special Side) followed by a Normal Upwards Attack. It starts from a safe distance and deals one stack of Weakened. If you can, try to combo this into additional Upwards Attacks.
  • To easily attach the Bat-Bomb (Special Neutral Attack), use the sidewards grapple (Special Side Attack) or throw a Batarang (Normal Neutral) immediately after. Here’s a great combo chain to memorize: equip Bat-Bomb, throw Batarang, dash towards opponent with the grappling hook, and punch them upwards with the Normal Upwards Attack.
  • Once you’ve trapped an opponent in your smoke screen, quickly hit them twice for the maximum amount of Weakened stacks. Watch out with attacks like the slide, upwards charge, or grapple, as you don’t want to push the enemy away from the smoke.
  • If your opponent has high damage, there’s no need for complex attack chains; just use the Normal Side Attack combo (three hits) or the Normal Downwards kick for a successful upwards Ringout.
  • Finally, here’s a more advanced combo that may help you land a downwards Ringout early on: Normal Side Attack twice, Normal Neutral Attack, jump, Normal side Attack while in air, Special Downwards Attack while in air. The idea is to kick the opponent horizontally off-platform, and then finish it by kicking them down.

Batman Skins

The only additional Batman skin currently available in the game is the one based on Batman’s look from the 1992 animated series (right). This skin is currently available for 2,000 Gleamium.

The other Batman skin, the samurai, was a reward for reaching tier 50 in the Closed Alpha Battle Pass. Unfortunately, that means that this Batman Ninja anime-inspired outfit is currently not available.


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